The One Piece Swimwear: Style Erin

It’s almost bathing suit season. Are you a two-piece or a one-piece gal? If you haven’t noticed, the one-piece swimsuit has gained huge popularity over the past few years. Women are realizing that you don’t have to don an itty bitty bikini to look and feel sexy on the beach. A one-piece can be just as chic and lustful, poolside or oceanside. One of the main reasons women avoid donning a one-piece bathing suit is that they think it won't show off or highlight their body in all the right ways, but that's totally untrue. The key is to find a one-piece that flatters your figure. Fortunately for us, there are endless one-piece designs available. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear your fav two-piece, but go ahead and try the one-piece. Not only will you look on trend, but you’ll give yourself even more options for your summer swimwear collection. 

Laurina Baggett