For many, hiring and using a personal wardrobe stylist is new territory. To get an idea of what to expect, listed below are the most frequently asked questions Style Erin receives from new clients. Feel free to email Erin with any additional inquires.


How far in advance do I need to schedule a session with you?

I get booked quickly so if you’re interested in a session, call, email or text so I can get you on my schedule. The majority of my clients typically book two (2) weeks in advance.


Where does a style consultation take place?

Most often, the consultation takes place in the client’s home as it enables me to easily view their wardrobe.


How far do you travel? And do you have a travel fee?

I travel as far as needed. For travel 1-hour or more away, my hourly rate goes into effect. If hotel accommodations are needed, a portion of the bill will be added to your final payment.


Do I need a closet audit?

If your clothes are outdated, ill-fitting, damaged or just cluttering your closet, then YES! If you look at your clothes and think “I have nothing to wear”, then YES! If you have a fantastic wardrobe, but no idea how to create a great outfit, then YES!


How long is a closet audit? Will I be trying on clothes?

A closet audit typically takes 2-4 hours, depending on your wardrobe. Yes, you will be trying on some items.


How long is a shopping trip when I go shopping with you? How many stores do we go to?

A personal shopping trip takes as long as your schedule allows. I’m happy to shop in one session or set up a few sessions. The sky is the limit as to how many stores we go to during a session. I will pre-shop at stores that I feel will work well for you and your budget so the session will move along smoothly.


Can you shop for me so I don’t have to go into the stores?

You bet! I can shop without you in the stores or online and then you try on the purchases. If I purchase them on my credit card, I will invoice you for the items. I’m happy to return anything that doesn’t work. Please keep in mind, the time it takes for me to return items to their respective stores will be added to the invoice as well.


Do you shop online?

Yes, I shop for YOU. Unfortunately, some items and designers can’t be found locally so I look to the internet. Fortunately, I have a lengthy list of websites to find anything and everything.


I am on a tight budget. Do you work with budget-conscious shoppers?

Absolutely! Fashion is my calling and that means that there is no store I won’t go into for fabulous finds at any price point.



Before we shop for anything, I will ask you your budget. I also ask you a series of questions to gage how much you’d spend on a certain item so that we stay within your budget.


Shopping stresses me out. Can you teach me how to dress so I won’t need you every time I go shopping?

Don’t stress, I’ve got you covered. Throughout our session(s), I will educate you on proper fit, color, designers and retailers so you have all of the information you need to achieve your ultimate style.


Packing for a trip can be very overwhelming. Can you help me pack my suitcase?

Yes! Several clients utilize this service. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, I will pair outfit combinations with accessories and all.


Can you come to my house every day and help me pick out my outfit?

I’m here for YOU! I am happy to select outfit combinations for work, play and anything in between. This can be done on a weekly, monthly or seasonal basis. Each outfit will be photographed so you have a point of be done on a weekly, monthly or seasonal basis. Each outfit will be photographed so you have a point of reference when you go to get dressed.


Do you offer gift Cards?

Yes!  Give the gift of style.  When you purchase a Style Erin gift certificate, the fashion possibilities are endless. Your giftee can choose from a variety of custom services including personal shopping, closet audits, event styling, packing for a trip or whatever their fashion needs may be.   To learn more about what your giftee can expect click here.


Erin Heffelfinger, owner of Style Erin, is a Virginia Beach based Personal Wardrobe Stylist who provides guidance on color, design, clothing, shoes, accessories and anything fashion. Style Erin specializes in personal shopping, event styling and wardrobe consultation.