Packing Tips with Style Erin

Packing for a trip? Getting suitcase-ready can be overwhelming, frustrating and way too time-consuming for even the most organized traveler. Do you find yourself running out and spending way too much money on last minute items that you probably won’t wear again? Or, are you the “just in case” traveler that throws everything into your suitcase but the kitchen sink? As a professional packer myself, I’m happy to share a few simple packing tips that will hopefully take some of the anxiety out of the process. 


Before you start packing, check the weather of your destination. There is nothing worse than not being prepared.


Pull out your suitcase first so that you know exactly how much room you have to work with. Overpacking is so easy to do.


When picking out clothing, choose a color palette so that everything goes with everything. 


Plan your outfits ahead so that you wear your bulkiest clothes on your travel days. Carrying your jacket on the plane or wearing your sneakers allow for more room in your suitcase.


Pick shoes that can be worn with multiple outfits so you only have to bring a couple pairs for your trip.


Roll your clothes to alleviate unwanted wrinkles or lines. 


Always carry a change of clothes and/or your bathing suit in your carry on. Losing your luggage is never fun but knowing you have a backup is a plus.


Enjoy your trip and happy packing!

Laurina Baggett