Fall Fashion Already?


It’s August. It’s sweltering out. How can we possibly think about Fall fashion? Magazines, social media and television have jumped from showcasing cute summer frocks to suede booties and light-weight jackets. It might seem seasonally premature and quite silly to those not in the fashion realm. I agree, however, it’s not a bad idea to start sifting through that rather large pile of jeans, examining your lighter jackets to make sure they zip and have all of their buttons or brushing off your tucked away booties from last year. 

It’s a good time to see what you have in your wardrobe and determine what you’d like to add or take away. I advise all of my clients to refresh and replenish before a change of season. 

And most importantly, before you embark on a “back to school” shopping spree, establish a budget. Shopping requires money. Whether your budget is big or small, shopping with a purpose and a plan is an easy way to stay on track by not breaking your bank. 

So go ahead retailers, start flashing your stylishly fun, fall-hued fashions. We’re going to soak up some more rays, dip our toes into the pool a few more times and then we’ll shop til we drop! 


Erin Heffelfinger