Are Your Outfits On Repeat?

Are your outfits on repeat? Have you found that you tend to wear the same things week after week? Well, you’re not alone. We tend to wear only a small percentage of the clothes in our closet. Why? There is no wrong answer here but in my professional opinion, there are three (3) major reasons why we wear the same threads over and over: Habit, Time and Convenience.

  1. HABIT We tend to gravitate toward the pieces that are easy to wear and keep us in our comfort zone. We’re human. We are creatures of habit. 

  2. TIME Life is busy. Time is of the essence. It’s simple to just grab the same outfit we wore successfully earlier. Having to put more thought into our already packed day can be overwhelming. Instead, we repeat what we already know.

  3. CONVENIENCE Reaching for the clothing at the top of the pile or in the front section of your closet tends to get chosen first. Sometimes, it’s too much trouble to search in the depths of your closet and so much easier to grab what is right in front of our face. 

Erin Heffelfinger