How to Tackle TJ Max


The uber-popular store, TJ Maxx, is a mecca for discount fashion. Due to its sheer size and inventory, even the most sale-seeking or style-hungry folks, need to devise a plan in order to score the best deals.

Personally, I start with accessories. Browsing the purses, jewelry counters and shoe aisles gives me an idea of what’s in stock, as well as, what items I can pair together.

I then head to the Runway section for high-end designer duds. I look for classic pieces that may be from last season, but are still in style.

The Dresses, Jeans and Jackets/Blazers aisles are next. That’s where I find anything from everyday basics to my next black-tie affair ensemble.

Tops are my last stop. Browsing through numerous merchandise can be overwhelming, so I save Tops for the end with hopes that I’ll know exactly what I’m looking for to buy.

Erin Heffelfinger