What About the Trends?


As a wardrobe stylist, I get asked countless times, “what are the trends?” As I reel off what’s IN for the season, I always end with the disclaimer, “just because it’s trending, doesn’t mean you should wear it.”That’s because trends are a fashion of the moment… a fleeting style coveted by many and only worn correctly by few.

What looks amazing on one body type won’t necessarily look the same on another.

Trends shouldn’t be taken too seriously. If we all buy the same piece of clothing, then we’ll end up looking like clones. That’s not what fashion is about in my book. It’s about your individual style and feeling good in what you’re wearing. Sticking to who you are and what you really like are the keys to a successful wardrobe.

My fashion philosophy is to spend less money on trends and splurge on investment pieces that won’t go out of style. If you’re into trends, but don’t want to go overboard, start with your accessories and shoes. Look for items that won’t break your bank, yet keeps you current. And whatever you wear, make sure itfits properly, works with your skin tone and makes you feel like a million bucks!Wha

Erin Heffelfinger